Friday, April 1, 2011

Winter Ango

Group photo following the Dharma Encounter at the close of Winter Ango – Feb. 26, 2011

Winter Ango Theme

Shuso Joe “Jogan” “Pure Vow” Richards

“If we don’t find Nirvana within Samsara
there is nowhere we can find Nirvana”

"Personally, I didn’t have any idea that this would involve engaging and receiving the presence of each and every person so intimately. For 20 years I have faced the wall with others; to now be facing them and seeing their dedication and commitment is only heart-breaking. I would have each and every one of us open the mind flower together-in just one sitting! Then, we could place this sacred bouquet upon the altar itself: fresh living flowers gently swaying in the wisteria wind for every person to enjoy when entering this place of training at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center."
~ Shuso Joe “Jogan” Richards


excerpt, Winter Ango Shuso Interview: Joe “Jogan” Richards

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