Friday, April 5, 2013

Mountain Wind 2013

Current Volume: Second Quarter 2013

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Entrusting Ceremony

Everything is constantly changing... (March23, 2012)
Fall becomes Winter and Winter becomes Spring, leaves fall to the ground and flowers bloom.This summer marks the 40th anniversary of the Zen Center. For 40 years the Zen Center has relied upon an organizational structure and decision-making processes which have served our community well. Looking back it is quite remarkable on what has been established and accomplished in this time since Roshi and Shinko first came to Sonoma Mountain with a vision to establish the Zen Center in honor of their teacher Shunryu Suzuki- roshi. Now it is time to reconsider the organizational structure and decision-making processes and transform it so that it can serve the Zen Center and Sangha for the next 40 years and beyond.
To begin this transition process Kwong-roshi has entrusted Cam Shunryu and Demian Nyoze with the title of “Kanin,” Executive Director, to fulfill his vision to sustain authentic Zen practice for future generations and to lead the Zen Center through this unfolding transition process. As Kanin they will make all the daily decisions in every aspect of the Zen Center that both Roshi and Shinko have made in the past. In this shift of responsibilities Roshi will remain as the spiritual leader and teacher of the Zen Center. This shift will free up Roshi’s schedule so that he can engage in further study, explore other areas of teaching and work on his many projects. Roshi is moving up and he encourages everyone to move up and support this transition.

Suzuki Family Visit

On March 27 & 28th our Sangha enjoyed the visit of Shungo Suzukui and his family. Shungo is the grandson of Suzuki-roshi and Dharma Successor of Suzuki-roshi’s son, Hoitsu Suzuki.

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Shukke Tokudo Ordination Ceremony - October 20, 2012 

Calligraphy by Sodo Yokoyama-roshi

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