Friday, April 1, 2011

Resident Update

by David Price

The generous spirit of the “Wisteria Wind Sangha” is once again energizing and rearranging the resident line up on Sonoma Mountain. There are many comings and goings among the increasingly intertwining branches of our larger community. Revitalized, we vow to care for the land of this Temple and ensure that it will be passed on for many generations to come.

Three “Kannon” Sangha members are returning to Poland this spring: Wojciech “Jacob” Jankowski will be leaving on the 7th of March and will be unable to come back soon. He has made a vow to help in any way he can to get the Polish Sangha’s new Zendo and Center under way---Banzai! Jacek Sikora has practiced here for six months as our Shika (guest person) and Jikido (care of the Zendo). He is going back to Poland on the 21st of March and will try to return in the fall. Jakub “Kuba” Golebiewski spent a year here in 2002 and has been with us on this current visit since October. He will be here working to help jump start the garden until the beginning of April and then will be returning to Poland to be with his fiancé and daughter. We will greatly miss their practice and support of Genjo-ji. It has been a great injection of energy having them here if only for six months. Their continued efforts to benefit and strengthen our greater Sangha are genuinely appreciated --please wish them peace and wellness.

Additions to our residents in March and April are: Sally Scoville, back from India to look over the garden and see that the spring planting goes smoothly. She will be staying from March 3rd until the end of May or longer. Her experience and dedication in the garden are indispensable here on the mountain. Also coming this spring from our Polish Sangha are two more long-time students of Roshi: Piotr Jaholkowski will be here on March 15th and Dorota Majcherowicz, is arriving on April 14. Please help welcome them to Genjo-ji and revel in this flourishing of the “Wisteria Wind.”


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