Monday, May 5, 2014

Sewing Workshop - Buddha's Robes According to Dharma: May 8-15

This workshop explores the Self through the traditional practice of sewing called nyoho-e. Taking the backwards step with each stitch we manifest the mind-to-mind transmission of our ancestor’s going back to Shakyamuni Buddha. The sewing tradition of nyoho-e has been passed down from Kodo Sawaki-roshi’s and Eko Hashimoto’s lineage. Both teachers strongly emphasized returning to the simple ancient ways of practice. Under the same lineage and spirit, Tomoe Katagiri (Katagiri-roshi’s wife) has been a close friend of Kwong-roshi and the Kwong family since the early 60’s and has taught okesa sewing at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center.

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