Monday, October 3, 2011

Mountain Wind - Fourth Quarter, 2011

This volume includes the following articles:
Dharma Talk by Jakusho Kwong-roshi on Sept.1, 2007 at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center.

Pine Siskin Feathers #2, Fred Jacobs photo

Sangha Notes • Resident Update • New Members

Kwong-roshi’s Visit to Iceland
by Astvaldur Zenki Traustason and Mikhael Óskarsson

Andri Ottosson receiving his rakusu from Kwong-roshi, Iceland

Entering Your Life – Roshi’s Visit To Poland
by Matthew Krasner

Hoshi Ceremony for Ewa Orlovska “Sanko” and Jurek Dmuchowski “Kuun” during 7-day sesshin, part of the 30-day Ango in Wilga, Poland

Ango Haiku by Matthew Krasner

Calendar (November 2011 - February 2012)

Zen Dust Store

Summer Ango Theme
~ Shuso Barbara Etsuho “Joyful Dharma” Bobes

Ango participants following the closing ceremony on August 27

Impressions From Ango by Donen Ted O’Toole

Four Stones by Donen Ted O’Toole

Interview with Barbara Bobes, Summer Shuso, 2011
by Neil Sekiku Myers

SMZC’s Second Annual Mandala Bazaar
by Neil Myers & Cam Kwong

Demian Nyoze Kwong and Kwong-roshi kick off the Bazaar
Sonoma Mountain Zen Center hosted its Second Annual Mandala Bazaar on the Mountain on Saturday, September 3, 2011, in support of its Mandala Building Project.

Ten Ten Taiko

Mandala Bazaar Raffle Winners

Advisory Board Meeting Notes • SMZC Wish List
Resident Training Scholarships Available

Mountain Wind News by Chris Katsuzen King, Editor
The staff of Mountain Wind wishes to thank everyone who has contributed to this issue of the newsletter. Traditionally the newsletter is much fuller after our Summer and Winter Angos. This issue is no exception and is even fuller with articles and coverage of our Fall Bazaar and Hoshi Ceremonies in Iceland and Poland. We also wish to apologize for the lateness of this issue. We were faced with late submissions and unexpected circumstances. Looking ahead, the deadline for our upcoming January-March, 2012 issue is Saturday, Dec. 3rd. Please submit all articles on or before that date.

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