Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mountain Wind - Third Quarter, 2011

Buddha’s Birthday Celebration, April 10
Photo by David Busch

This volume includes the following articles:
Dharma Talk by Jakusho Kwong-roshi on May 14, 2011:
Tangled Wisteria - Katto
"   ...Each person has no separation from anything. You are you, and completely you, and I am me.

I’d like to go into this in more detail. This morning the flowers got me, and I got the flowers. When that happens, you’re rejuvenated. It’s not just flowers. It can be anything...   "

Sangha Notes • New Members • Resident Report

Hoshi Ceremony for Shinko Kwong

Hoshi Ceremony for Shinko Kwong

Dharma Treasure Ceremony for Janet Buckendhal

Group photo following Dharma Treasure Ceremony for Janet Buckendhal

Mandala Bazarre and Raffle (upcoming event)
Advisory Board Meeting Notes • Mandala Project Update
Calendar (July - October ‘11) • Zen Dust Store
Volunteers Needed • Wish List • Gratitudes

Wisteria by Fred Jacobs

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